Ich geh jetzt (2018)


Ich geh jetzt“

(I go now)

Technical Details

Germany, 2019, short fiction, 23:15 min., color, 2K, DCP, 24fps, 16:9, Dolby 5.1, german, subtitles available in english


Paula and Hektor, a couple in the second half of their twenties, are moving into their new flat because they are expecting a child. In the house of her childhood, Paula tries to convince her father to finally let go of her, meanwhile Hektor sneaks away. Back in the city he tracks down an old love affair. He wants to understand: how do you leave without looking back?


Commiting to another person is a pretty dangerous thing to do nowadays. Although people are in need for love like they always were, they find themselves in ever more fleeting and fragile relationships. Nobody can be sure of his counterpart anymore, break-up is a daily experience, staying together for very long became an exception. My impression is that especially a growing number of young people are afraid of too much commitment these days because they experience it as a threat to their personal freedom. As if too much devotion is a prison.

In my movie I show a young couple that is going to make the biggest commitment of them all: they get a child. But one of them, Hektor, is unable to say yes to the other’s love and the new scenario in front of him. Even though there is nobody else in this world waiting for him, he pushes away. He doesn’t even know where he’s heading. Instead he is sunken into an alienating distance to all people around him, just as all figures presented in the movie. At the end it is Paula who defends the idea of a human being that dares to love and and suffer wholeheartedly.


Writer, Director, Editor: Oliver Moser | DOP: Moritz Friese | Producer: Romana Janik | Music: Matthias Petsche | Cast: Stellan Torrn, Kristin Suckow, Lena Reinhold, Michael Kind

A co-production of





Steinbrecher/Stone Crusher (2016)

Shortfilm, german, english subs, 10 min, 2K, DCP, 2016

High rock faces and uninhabited wasteland. No escape. After an accident worker Kai stumbles into madness. Attempts to free himself lead him deeper and deeper into the pit.

Writer, Director, Editor: Oliver Moser | DOP, Editor: Konstantin Minnich | Producer:Gregor Sauter | With Jakob Schneider, Merle Wasmuth, Martin Reik

International Short Film Week Regensburg, Germany 2017
Wave of Films Festival Manila, Philippines, 2017
International Short Film Festival Landau, Germany, 2017
47. Lubuskie Film Summer, Poland, 2018



Montecristo (2015)


Shortfilm, german, english subs, 16 min., 2K, DCP, dffb 2015

An old man is confronted by a young woman, water and nothingness.

With Adolfo Assor and Luise Heyer | Film by Oliver Moser (Writer, Director, Editor) and Moritz Friese (DOP, Editor) | Producer Sabine Schmidt | Music Rui Faustino

montecristo still 1 montecristo still 2 montecristo still 3


Im Block (2013)

Erstjahresfilm Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb)

Als eine Leuchtraketenschuss tödlich endet, flüchten drei Ultras aus dem Stadion in den angrenzenden Wald und schieben sich gegenseitig die Schuld zu.

Shortfilm, S16mm, 10 min, dffb 2012

Film by Oliver Moser

With Urs Jucker Mike Adler Wanja Malik

DOP Konstantin Minnich


MARS (2011)

MARS, Shortfilm, 19 min., Germany 2010/11

A make-up artist, who just moved into town, follows acquaintances into the night and gets lost.

Jamila Saab, Jördis Richter, Anna von Haebler, Eric Bouwer, Eddie Irle, Benno Lehmann

Film by Oliver Moser

DOP Moritz Friese

Sounddesign Roman Volkholz

VFX Ivo Schmid


Best Newcomer at 20min|max Ingolstadt

Gold-Medal at FiSH Rostock 2011

Nominierung Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis Hannover

Design: pinephoto.de, Ivo Schmid